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Honoured members, dear friends of nature and nature park!
Finding the first spring fountains, creating own works of art, feeling the moon´s power, discovering the secrets of moor, admiring beautiful panorama views, becoming a coach for mushrooms, enjoying literature and music, standing in the round dance of flowers and costing fruits of autumn, touching the ground barefooted, being a knight for one day, tracking the silent hunters of night – „Naturpark Münden“ has many sides and you are cordially invited to experience nature and nature park, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes cheerful but with an awake mind!

We´re looking forward to you!

Hiking in nature park

Certainly the most popular nationwide hiking path is the „europäische Fernwanderweg X/E6“ (Ostsee – Harz – Adria), which is coming from Göttingen, going through nature park to Hann. Münden and is heading south passing Witzenhausen.

More nationwide important long distance hikes, which are running through nature park, are…

– X 4 Frau Holle Pfad (from Bad Karlshafen to Sontra) – X 5 Werraburgenstein (part of E 6, beginning in Hann. Münden)
– X 13 Studentenpfad (from Göttingen to Gießen)
– N Nieste – Werra – Weg (from Heiligenrode to Hedemünden)
– Pilgerweg (from Loccum to Volkenroda)

Scores of loop trails invite you to discover intensenly.

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To experience

Nature park gives it visitors many offers to experience the nature:

– to experience fairy tales and nature
– adventure stations
– educational and experience trails
– adventure playgrounds
– forest botanic garden
– Middle Ages village – forestpedagogics

On the general map you can find a summary about the offers.

Bicycling in nature park

The popular „Weser – Radweg“, which is starting in Hann. Münden, is going along the „Weser“ and is the whole way well signed until to the north sea. The first part is going through nature park.

More, also well signed bicycling ways, which are going through the nature park, are the „Werra – Radweg“ (fountains of the Werra in the „Thüringer Wald“ to Hann. Münden), the „Fulda – Radweg“ (waterpoint in the Röhn to Hann. Münden) and the „Weser – Harz – Heide – Radweg“ (Hann. Münden to Lüneburg / Hamburg).

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Because of its position between Göttingen and Kassel (ICE – Stop), nature park is easy to reach by busses and regionally lines for hiking and bicycling tours.

At you can find tour offers.

Canoeing on Werra, Fulda and Weser

In the year 2006 many new canoe docks were built at Werra, Fulda and Weser in the administrative district Göttingen. Most of them are marked with information boards to „Natur erleben“. The docks at the rivers are marked with the „yellow wave“.

By car you will reach nature park on the A7 and you have to take the motorway exits Göttingen ( no. 73), Dreieck Drammetal (no. 74), Hann. Münden – Hedemünden (no. 75) or Hann. Münden – Lutterberg (no. 76). The A38, coming from Leipzig / Halle, is connecting to the A7 in Dreieck Drammetal.

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More offers

– tour suggestions, information to gastronomy and accommodations you can find at and

– „Natur – erleben – Internetportal“ you can find at