History of culture

Already 2000 years ago the humans settled along the rivers Werra, Fulda and Weser. Over centuries, ideas and goods were transported from here to the most distant areas. Signs from that are still visible today: the docks and places of goods turnover in Hann. Münden, the structure of villages of the fishing villages Gimte and Hemeln, the monastery in Bursfelde, Hilwartshausen and Mariengarten, as well as the glasworks and locations of charcoal in the forests.

„Römerlager“ near of Hedemünden

Ca. 2000 years ago also the romans set up depots at the Werra while their period of conquest. On a plateau 90 meters above the bottom of a valley, they had a good view about the old routes of trade, armys and ships. On the basis of available discoveries of coins from the depots, a dating of roman stays from 27 before Christ to 14 after Christ is possible. „Römerlager“ is well documented with information boards on its place.