Welcome to the Naturpark Münden

Welcome to the Naturpark Münden!

Weserfähre in Hemeln

Walking, cycling and canoeing: Recreation in the Naturpark.
It’s beautiful setting between the rivers Weser and Leine as well as the cities of Göttingen and Kassel invites visitors to discover our Naturpark.

Huge forests and river sites along Werra, Fulda and Weser characterize this mountainous region in the heart of Germany, around the small city of Hann. Münden. And numerous small restaurants and cafeterias invite our guests to have a break.

What is a Naturpark? Areas with a landscape very suitable for recreation, aiming at sustainable tourism,

and the protection of the typical natural diversity of the landscape at the same time – can be assigned the title “Naturpark”. Just like the Naturpark Münden, in the south of Lower-Saxony.

In 2006 the Naturpark has been awarded a prize for high quality. And due to the natural mixed beech forests, it’s quiet meadow valleys and numerous rare plant and animal species, many sites of the Naturpark became part of the Natura 2000 network for nature protection.

The Naturpark includes many small villages, characterized by traditional half-timber houses. One of these was the first village in Germany being energy self-sufficient. The village Jühnde produces all the required energy for heating and electricity by using renewable biomass grown around the village.

An exceptional discovery was made in 2003, where an old Roman camp site was found in the mountains of the Naturpark.

In contrast to many other German Naturparks the Naturpark Münden is membership based. And many inhabitants or regional companies have joined in. Everybody is most welcome to become a member supporting the regional development within this beautiful landscape.

Now we are happy to invite you to discover our Naturpark on the well marked walking or biking trails and to experience the beauty of the surrounding nature. Or take a trip on the river sites and enjoy this special perspective of the landscape.

Have a wonderful day

Christel Wemheuer
Kreisrätin – Member of the Council

Sibylle Susat
Geschäftsführerin – Director of the Naturpark Münden