Educational Trails and Adventure Paths

Experience the nature by exploring one of our Educational Trails and Adventure Paths.

On the following pages you’ll find information about the different paths. If you’re interested, you can have a look on our leaflet or print it directly. A general and a detailed map facilitates your visit there!

The Ant Educational Trail

If you visit this trail, you will not be able to avoid marvelling the bustle of the ants and their impressing nest constructions. A short hike will guide you from the trail to the forest restaurant Rinderstall with its game reserve and the forest museum.

The Mining and Geology Educational Trail

Starting at the Gaußturm, the Mining and Geology Educational Trail leads through the impressive Basalt surface mining at the Hohen Hagen, which was in operation until 1986.
(Guided tours on request (Andreas Bytom: 05546-1408))

The Klaus-Bahlsen Educational Trail

The Klaus-Bahlsen Educational Trail is located at the mouth of the Nieme and informes the visitor about a well done renaturation project and a natural running water, the Nieme.

The cultural Educational Trail

This trail provides an insight in the cultural history of the region Bühren. Several hiking routes and loop routes start here heading for the Bramwald.

(Guided tours on request (Georg Hoffmann: 05502-2342))

The Source Educational Trail

All along the Dransfeld Plateau, the Source Educational Trail leads from Jühnde to Scheden passing by the watershed Weser/ Leine.

The Forest History Educational Trail

This loop road with a length of 1,7 km guides you through the usage history of the forest. This little bedger will accompany you as a guide.

The Water Educational Trail

Welcome in the city of the water!

Hann. Münden, the most southerly city in Lower Saxony, is located at the at the confluence of the two rivers Werra and Fulda. Together they result in the Weser, which leads in the North Sea after 440 km. On the average, a drop of water in the Weser manages this way within 4 days.

The settlement Gimundi (an ancient settlement in the year 802), which builds up the present city centre, was already deeply connected with the water. Until today, numerous buildings and installations in the historical city centre and its neighbourhood tell about the central meaning of the water for the inhabitants of the city Hann. Münden.

You’re friendly invited to vistit the Water Educational Trail on the island Doktorwerder in the city centre of Hann. Münden. It was sponsored by the „Versorgungsbetriebe Hann. Münden GmbH“.