Adventure Stations

In the Naturpark Münden every interested discoverer will find particular stations which invites to an extraordinary nature experience.
You’ll find an overview of all the particular stations on the map „Erlebnisregion Naturpark Münden“

Fairytale Hike (*)Barefoot Path (*)Nature Adventure Station at KlusteichAdventure Playground

Nature Adventure Station at Klusteich

Explore the nature focussing in the topics Forest and Water: Which animals live in the pond, which kind of water quality you can quantify in the stream and why is deadwood that lively?The Nature Adventure Station at Klusteich is near to Hann Münden. It is easily accessible from the B3 by car or as a possible hiking destination from Hann Münden.
You’ll find a shelter at the pond, which is equipped with wooden seats for 15 people. One board on the outer wall of the shelter provides information about the location of the different contacts points of the Nature Adventure Station (the pond, the shelter, the stream and the forest loop road). A second board inspires young and old nature discoverer to go on an „Caterpillar Excursion“, to build forest animals or little boats or to construct a couch in the woods for the whole group. Another information board shows animals and plants, which lives in and around the pond (kingsfisher, dragonfly, tadpole, grass frog, butterfly, iris or bulrush) and asks you to find them in the pond or the shore.
You can explore the water live in the stream, and the loop road in the forest gives an insight in the live inside the deadwood or leaf litter.

Barefoot path Nienhagen

Children excursion on the barefoot path Nienhagen
Sand, wood, stone pavement, mud, pine cones, moss, gravel and water – that’s what your bare feet will feel on the 2.5 kilometer barefoot path in Nienhagen.
By feeling the different surfaces with bare feet your imagination and curiosity will be aroused. An experience for all senses, because the individual zones of your foot sends signals to various parts of the body. Fun and surprise are guaranteed!
Forest educator Panja Pötter will offer an exciting hike with interesting facts form the forest for children as well for adults.
Stations of the barefoot path:
Sand dune, climbing a slope, blind passage, wooden planks, stone pavement, Indian ladder, wooden staircase, group picnic area, wood pavement, mud hole, pine cones, spars, stream crossing, gravel, sand

Circular path:
Great circular path about 2.5 km
Small circular path about 1.1 km
Parking, picnic area, shelter, washing station at the stream
Getting here
Barefoot path Nienhagen, southeast of the village Nienhagen in the forest
34355 Staufenberg – Nienhagen
GPS: 51.339453, 9.662207

Opening times & guides:
The barefoot path Nienhagen is open all year around.
Contacts and events for guided walks on the barefoot path are available at the Naturpark Münden e.V.
LINK and Flyer: