Nature protection projects

Also one central task of nature park is to protect and develop its special nature and culture landscape with its biodiversity. Thereby the sustainable usability for people who looking for rest is secured.
In the 45.000 hectare large nature park 66% of the area (300 qkm) are designated as landscape protection area „Weserbergland – Kaufunger Wald“.

Four nature reserves (Totenberg im Bramwald, Ossenberg – Fehrenbusch, Großer Lleinebusch and Hühnerfeld) are protecting the biotope of many sensitive species of animals and plants in nature park. In this area animals and plants take precedence over visitors and request respect.

According to „Flora – Fauna – Habitat – Richtlinie (FFH)“ the land lower saxony defined ten areas as nature reserves which are forming important stepping stones in the european net NATURA 2000.

Especially the big connected and partly thin out mixed forest of beeches with valleys of brooks close to the nature have an outstanding importance for the incidence of rare species of animals and plants. Because of this, the extreme sensitive and shy black stork can find living spaces for breeding in nature park. The attentive and silent visitor can watch rare species of birds like kingfisher, dipper or yellow wagtail in nature park as well.

Little moors like „Hühnerfeld“ and the dry biotopes on „Dransfelder Hochfläche“ are saving rare species of plants, which are adapted for these special living spaces.

To keep and develop this diversity, in nature park will realized specific projects.

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